Partners Annette Hunter and Devon Shaw Launch San Francisco-Based Pharmaceutical and Medical Meeting

Cofounders Annette Hunter and Devon Shaw today announced the official launch of Bright Meetings & Events, LLC (BME). BME is a full-service meetings and events company that partners with its clients in the planning and execution of pharmaceutical meetings, biotech meetings and medical device meetings in the San Francisco Bay area.

“We saw a real need for a meetings and events management company on the West Coast that specializes in pharma and medical meetings. We believe we are the only company in the Bay area that focuses solely on the unique needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries. This gives our clients a huge advantage because we are tuned into the complex regulations, codes and laws that are imperative to their meetings,” says BME cofounder Annette Hunter.

BME works with its clients to plan and execute meetings with Health Care Providers (HPCs) such as; Advisory Boards, Steering Committees and Speaker Trainings, as well as corporate meetings and events for internal staff; board meetings, departmental offsites, teambuilding events, sales meetings and corporate retreats. BME’s strong focus on compliance with PhRMA code, the Sunshine Act and all laws that affect meetings with HPCs gives its clients a distinct advantage.

“There are plenty of event planners that can negotiate a contract, plan a menu and invite your guests, but having a team of experts that understands the industry and focuses only on the needs of that industry hasn’t existed in the area until now,” adds cofounder Devon Shaw.

Both Hunter and Shaw are veterans of the meetings and event industry.

Annette Hunter has led meetings and event teams within the health and wellness and pharmaceutical industries for over a decade. Her years of experience as a management team member of a global, health-oriented corporation and her passion for creating exceptional events remains today and feeds the drive for excellence at BME.

Devon Shaw, CMP, and BME cofounder is a seasoned professional with extensive experience planning and executing meetings and events, both large and small. Her knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical meetings and her involvement in industry associations brings a wealth of resources to BME’s clients.

In recent years, the regulation of interactions with HCPs has become a much greater focus in the industry. The tracking of the most minute details, and adherence to regulations has become imperative. BME provides the services, processes and tracking necessary to remain compliant.

Shaw adds, “Our clients have a lot on their plates in today’s heavily regulated atmosphere. At BME, we ensure that their meetings are not only given the high level of attention they deserve, but that they remain in complete compliance.”

BME also offers more in-depth strategies that address a global approach to meetings and events, including: Strategic Meeting Management Plan (SMMP) development and implementation, meeting and event department development and staffing, and meeting policy development.

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