Movianto achieves full traceability for pharmaceutical, healthcare deliveries with Zetes TotalProof

Movianto, logistics service provider to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industry, has implemented Zetes' TotalProof solution to ensure full traceability during the transportation of temperature-sensitive products and to optimise customer service. Companies using Movianto's services now benefit from real-time information exchange and complete traceability during transportation, with real-time visibility confirming the status of its merchandise.Movianto's active refrigerated transport network spans the entire Iberian Peninsula. It is the only certified active refrigerated transport network dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector. To comply with strict health and safety regulations, products delivered by Movianto require reliable temperature control during transportation.The company contacted Zetes in order to achieve the highest quality of service in its distribution network, which offers 24-hour delivery services to its clientele of wholesalers and hospitals throughout Spain and Portugal. According to José Revilla, Operations Manager of Movianto: “For us, Zetes offers a true benchmark in industrial mobility, because it is so familiar with the transport sector and its needs. It has helped us achieve our goal of offering excellence in our services, operating in sensitive markets like pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and in minimising costs and risks.”

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