Onyx staffs up for pharmaceutical sales of newly approved cancer drug

Onyx Pharmaceuticals has ramped up its team of pharmaceutical sales representatives and marketing professionals after receiving federal approval of its new blood cancer drug Kyprolis.

According to the Maxim Group, Onyx has already hired a 100-people sales force, which will begin calling on doctor in August after the breakthrough treatment was recently cleared for commercialization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The approval of the multiple myeloma (MM) drug is considered a major victory for Onyx, which up until now has had only one other product on the market, the liver cancer treatment Nexavar, which it sells with Bayer AG.

Federal officials based their approval of Kyprolis on Onyx's Phase 2b safety trial for patients who had received at least two prior unsuccessful MM therapies.

"Today’s approval is a significant milestone for Onyx and, most importantly, for patients with advanced myeloma who have few treatment options available to them," Dr. N. Anthony Coles, president and chief executive officer of Onyx Pharmaceuticals, added. "We are committed to continuing the clinical development of Kyprolis across earlier stages of multiple myeloma treatment.”

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